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August 14, 2009

Preferred Alternate Endings to Twilight

1) It ends at the Preface. That is, it ends with the sentence “The hunter smiled in a friendly way as he sauntered forward to kill me.” She dies!

2) It doesn’t even begin. Now that would solve a myriad of problems (mostly chronological and oftentimes grammatical), and save me from nights of headaches.

3) Edward agrees to bite Bella’s neck with the canines-that-must-not-be-named. But then he gets too drunk with her blood and accidentally overdrinks, and she dies.

4) The entire Clan Cullen dies, from Vampire Flu. Bella runs off in the sunset – or, if you prefer, moonrise – with Jacob Black. The last paragraph could be her (or rather, Stephanie Meyer) waxing poetic about how soft his chest hair- or fur, whatever – is.

5) Jacob is hungry and eats her. Because her blood is so delicious.

6) It turns out that Bella’s father is actually also a vampire. This would cause loads more family drama!

7) It turns out that Edward is NOT a vampire, but actually some other type of supernatural being with fan—- ahem, sharp teeth and a glittering chest who is masquerading as a vampire because he knows that girls find vampire sexy.


Ok, I have to stop. The more I think about Twilight, the more nauseous I become (this could perhaps have to do with my recent tea biscuits binge, but I’d rather blame Twilight.)

Do you have any alternate endings you want to add? I’m sure they’ll be better than the one currently in print.


August 12, 2009

A Miracle! A Miracle!

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I have fallen in love with Kiehl’s, or at least their products that I’ve used so far. You see, the story is that 2009 brought with it acne on my face. Historically, or at least as far as I can remember, I’ve never had acne on my cheeks. Forehead, perhaps, but never cheeks; plus I never had breakouts, not even during the raging-hormones era; it was always just the occassional pimple.

So imagine my horror when I began 2009 with horrible, horrible skin. I actually went out to buy Origins’ Plantidote Cream (click to read how that turned out)…anyhoo…so I gave up quick-fixing my face for a while and tried to just go back to cleaning well, treating well, and eating well.

So it didn’t get worse. But it didn’t necessarily get better.

For the past few months, however, I’ve heard raves about Kiehl’s. At least five people I know personally have fallen in love with Kiehl’s, so a week ago I figured I had nothing to lose (except money…o__O), waltzed into Kiehl’s, proclaimed to a startled-looking SA that my face is a totally mess and he needs to help me.

He handed me this:


Suffice it to say, a week later, after using Kiehl’s “Acne Blemish Control Daily Skin-clearing Treatment” twice a day (my skin is normal-oily, so I can pull it off. It could be drying on sensitive, dry skin though), there has been a total turnaround. The small bumps that I used to feel on my skin (hidden acne? I have no idea) are gone. Ok, so there are a few dark spots/scars left…but they’re visibly fading. My skin is SMOOTH, for the first time in eight months. There’s discoloration, like I said…but it looks like it’s going to fade away very, VERY soon.

This is worth every baht I paid for it (which is 1600 – that’s not too bad!) It’ s much cheaper than going to the dermatologist, too!

PS. Two days ago I went to buy their Yerba Mate toner and gel-moisturizer. That’s turning out well, too.

PPS. The SA gave me a sample of their Amino Acid shampoo. It smells like coconuts, and therefore, I love it. I love it so much I have decided I will shell out an obscene amount of money to buy it. Yes, ‘obscene’, because I’ve been using Sunsilk my entire life and that has worked out fine…but seriously…Sunsilk does not make coconut-scented shampoo! (Ok, weak argument, but really, when I shop, I throw caution and all logic to the wind.)

August 11, 2009

According to my ‘bible’, you don’t exist.

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To clarify, my bible is The Hitchhiker’s Guide Trilogy* – which would make Douglas Adams my god, but I have a feeling he wouldn’t want to be anyone’s god. He’d just want to be himself – ok, we went off on a tangent there – anyhoo – my ‘bible’ says that you are but a figment of my imagination.

“It is know that there are an infinite number of worlds, simply because there is an infinite amount of space for them. However, not every one of them is inhabited. Therefore, there must be a finite number of inhabited worlds. Any finite number divided by infinity is as near to nothing as makes no odds, so the average population of all the planets in the Universe is also zero, and that any people you may meet from time to time are merely the products of a deranged imagination.”

Try arguing with that.




*There are five books in this trilogy. I suggest you read them all. If I had to pinpoint a book, an event, and/or a person who changed my life, it would be The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy/the time I stumbled upon it by accident in the library/Douglas Adams.

August 1, 2009

There is a difference between…

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1. Having a unique sense of style, and having absolutely no sense of style whatsoever.
2. Having mussed-up heair and having messed-up hair.
3. Leggings and pants.
4. Being cautious and being paranoid.
5. Being sexy, being trashy, and being generally confused.
6. Friends, and people you’d die for.
7. Being a smart person, and being a Smart Person.
8. Diet and starvation.
9. Vampires, and Clan Cullen.
10. Love and obsession.
11. Starbucks and say, True Coffee.
12. Listening, and simply just waiting for your turn to speak.
13. Being strong, being stubborn, and being, well, a bitch.
14. Knowing what money is worth, and knowing what’s worth the money.
15. Having faith, and being utterly dependent.
16. Fuji and Japanese food.
17. Being cute, and making an idiot out of yourself.
18. Putting in 100%, and putting in whatever it takes to get the job done perfectly.
19. Putting on make up, and caking on make up.
20. Being rich, and being respectable.
21. Having a job, and having a purpose.
22.  Being happy with who you are, and being self-delusional

July 31, 2009

How offending…..

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I don’t facebook-stalk people often. The times I do, it’s probably because the person has suddenly uploaded a crazy/insane/rather interesting profile picture and I’m like “Oooh! Interesting thumbnail..I must see the full-sized version”

Anyhoo…so just five minutes ago one of my Friends had a rather interesting-looking thumbnail so I went to her profile. And from there I was scrolling down to see if any of my other Friends had recently posted something on her wall. Well, none that I know of, but I found this random person who wrote on this person’s wall…twice. And the message, honestly, was just offending.

Here, this is paraphrased (ish) of course, for confidential reasons.

“I’m applying for an office at XXXXXXXX. Does your dad know anyone there?”

Then…a few hours later, by the same person…

“Hahahaha. Just wanted as much help as I can get. Lots of people want in this office. It won’t be easy.”

How…offending. Considering that XXXXXXXXX is also the place I’m going to apply to.

Ok, so I know there’s a lot of connections and things in Thailand, and I’m not against it. I wouldn’t mind using some if REALLY, REALLY, QUITE fuqSOLUTELY NECESSARY. There are, as I have learned, points in time where you really, really have to pull some strings. But this, really. I know XXXXXXXXX, you don’t apply. You take a FRUGGING EXAM to get in. You don’t even need a resume or work experience or anything. You take a set of multiple choice, a few essays…if you pass that you go on an interview (which, if one comes down to it, is a point where you can pull strings) And then voila, you wait for the results.

But any one with HALF A BRAIN who wants to apply to XXXXXXXXXX probably knows that it’s an EXAM designed so you can’t cheat (ID numbers, no names at all) because clearly, there has to be DIGNITY somewhere in the system. And if you don’t even know that it’s an EXAM then FOR THE LOVE OF CHRIST YOU DON’T EVEN CARE ENOUGH AND YOU DON’T DESERVE TO GET TO WORK AT XXXXXXXXXXX, connections or no.

Heck, by even asking someone for HELP before you’ve even started…before you’ve even TRIED…before you even know there’s NO WAY IN means you don’t care. I mean, using connections should be the LAST RESORT. TRY ON YOUR OWN FIRST.

You offend me, Person, even if I don’t know you and you don’t know me and you’re probably never going to read this.

Ps. As Person is not a Friend (thankfully), I can’t view the wall-to-wall post. I don’t know what my friend said, but as this Friend is a sensible person, I can already guess what was said. Yep, that that reply (or what I think it was) doesn’t offend me at all :]

July 27, 2009

Places I Would Rather Be, Edition July 27th, 2009

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New York City.
With Primly.
New York City with Primly with a chocolate cake for her 20th birthday (happy bday by the way, Primly)
On the sofa with my copy of Pyramids.
Somewhere I could find my copy of Pyramids.
Anywhere with my copy of pyramids and also a good cup of caramel macchiato
(Dang, but that sounds eerily like Starbucks.)
Starbucks@Emporium Office Towers, because it is much more quiet than the Starbucks@Paragon, 1st floor
Emporium, in general, because there is no need to dress up to go to Emporium
Anywhere that doesn’t require dressing up, but would still require being dressed.
That is, not a nudist colony.
Speaking of which, I want to go to the beach, but as it has been raining for the past few days…
Out of the country.
Scotland…definitely Scotland.
But oh, wait, I just complained about rain.
(Does it rain up in the Highlands? I mean, technically it would be very, very cold. Don’t ask me about weather, seriously. I live in a country where the weather forecast is as reliable as fortune telling. The latter usually more so.)
Maybe, perhaps, Japan.
Hokkaido this time. I’ve never been to Hokkaido.
Or maybe Austria, because all that talk with Book, Gate, Thian a few days ago made me miss the EBA Trip.
EBA. During junior year, because Spanish class was fun and random.
(Great, now I crave time traveling, as if trying to get a plane ticket wasn’t expensive enough.)
At KAT-TUN’s concert. Which I also believe has passed.
Not sleeping at KAT-TUN’s concert.
In bed.
Well, I guess this concludes my daily rant (or nightly, if you must) (but then again, it is in the AM right now)…GOOD NIGHT.

July 24, 2009

Ploy in Zombie Mode

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It’s a very difficult thing to get me depressed for over 24 hours. It really is. Any type of negative emotions – sadness, anger, depression, etc. – don’t usually last overnight. I know I appear uber-active, ridiculously random, and unstoppably insane all the time, but in reality, that’s most of the time. I have my down-time, too, you know.

But those downtimes don’t last. The longest one in recent memory no more than 24 hours. That was when I got my F. I cried – no, wailed – in Starbucks, then had to stop crying because, well, I had to take the BTS home and it wouldn’t do well to appear crazy. I remember listening to “Keep the faith” by KAT-TUN all the way home. No,it wasn’t because of Jin (honestly!). It was actually because the chorus contained the line “You dream, you fall, you get back up.” I listened to it the entire night. I woke up with swollen eyes but I didn’t cry anymore. I just felt depressed. And it got better, somehow. It always gets better. It’s not like I shrug it off, because an undeserved F is not something one shrugs off like an moth-eaten sweater, but because…well, because I just simply get over things.

On the other hand, if a certain event happens to people around me, and I am partially responsible for it, then wow, I can get depressed for a while. I’m not afraid when bad things happen to me because, despite the fact that I’m as small as your average garden gnome, I do believe I have quite a reservoir of inner strength – and also a karate blackbelt to defend myself (i.e. kick anyone who truly, honestly pisses me off.) But when bad things happen to people I love, I freak out, because 1) I’m not sure if it’s going to make them sad and 2) making the people I love sad makes me sad…Ergo, as long as someone around me is sad, I feel sad. My internal hyper battery is immediately drained and I go into standby/zombie mode.

Dava once said I have the messiah complex. In a way, I probably do. Recently, something happened that’s made a few people around me shocked and sad. Perhaps some of it is my fault, perhaps it is not. I don’t know, I truly don’t. Maybe it’s the messiah complex in me making me blame myself. Maybe it is partly my fault. What I know, however, is that these people tried their best and what happened to them is not what they deserved. I might be lenient and cheerful to the point of being ridiculous…but I am also kind. I think that’s better than being foul-mouthed, mean, and cruel.

Bah humbug. Now I’m going to go make another cup of coffee, then crawl under the covers, and stare mindlessly at the TV.

June 29, 2009

Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen, or: Wow, Just….Wow.

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So I finally got to see Revenge of the Fallen. Armed with a large bucket of popcorn and an iced tea each, Ching and I braved the theaters of Paragon to go see what is possibly the most talked-about movie this summer, except for Harry Potter, but then again, Harry Potter is like it’s own category.

Anyways, Ching and I laughed at the first scene. Ching actually thought it was a commercial. I was screaming “10,000 BC!”, except that it was actually 17,000 BC. It looked alike though. And are there really tigers in the desert? Were there tigers in the year 17,000 BC. I am confused. (And for a moment just now, I had to google to check that Michael Bay did not direct 10,000 BC.)

So apparently our robotic aliens have been around since, well, a long, long time. The scene then switches, rather abruptly, in my opinion, to present-day Shanghai where Decepticons (I will never get over how ridiculous this sounds) are fighting with a special unit called NEST, a joint force between the US Army, led by Commander Lennox (my very own favorite Josh Duhamel) and the Autobots (I still roll my eyes everytime I say or type this name), led by Optimus Prime (cue eye-rolling right here too).

Then we get another scene. Sam Witwicky (Shia Lebouf) is leaving for college, and his family makes for a very comic scene. His mother is being overly emotion while his father is trying not to. One of Sam’s dog is humping another one of Sam’s dog. Hmm. Hah. And we get to see Megan Fox, in the roll of Mikaela, when Sam calls her. She is fixing a motorcycle, but her position is really just…it prompted me to think “Do people actually fix motorcycles in that pose? Really?”

But she was pretty. Really pretty. Super-hot pretty.

The movie did have a plot, of sorts. Sam discovers that the power of the All-Spark, some kind of Transformers holy-grail, has been transfered to him. Now the Decepticons want him for his knowledge, and added to the mix, the CIA also wants him. The plot isn’t bad, per se. I mean, plots like this are used all the time: your average guy gets hold of something everyone wants, said everyone hunts him down, average guys gets a totally hot girlfriend in the process, and at the end, average guy proves himself courageous and brave and smart and beats the bad guy, then rides off in the sunset. Or something of the sort.

There were no parts in this movie that shocked or appalled me. Actually, the scenes alternated between “Oh, right. Ok, I get it. Move on, please” to “Wow, just…wow. Are you serious?”

Since the former type of scenes are obviously not of interest to you (or me either, for that matter), I’ll just tell you about the latter. Actually, the following content is ABOUND WITH SPOILERS, so I suggest if you want to see the movie, go see it first and come back to read this. If you dont’ have plans to see Transformers 2 to begin with, read away!

Note: These “Wow, Just…Wow” moments, which are in no ways the same as the “Wow…just…wow” I reserve for those really hot pictures of Akanishi Jin. These “Wow, just wow” moments, are, as you will read in a few sentences, totally the other type.

1) How is it possible that no one notices these gigantic robot things!

Just a few minutes into the movie, Sam discovers a little piece of the All-Spark, which still has the power to spark life into electronic gadgets in his kitchen. Soon things get out of hand and Bumblebee, who is living in Sam’s garage, has to come out and blast the little things to oblivion. And then Sam yells, and I say YELLS, at B to go back inside the garage because people might notice, or something along those lines. But…like…seriously? How can neighbors not hear? How can there be a giganormous robot in someone’s front lawn and you can’t see? ‘Matter of national security’? Are you kidding me?

Then, in one scene, Optimus Prime has a talk with Sam at a cemetery. In the middle of the day. Why is there no one else there in the vincinity. Sure, a cemetery is not a public park…but what are the odds that there is no one else there? Actually, think about this: Mr. Prime is taller than your average tree, so technically, according to the Pythagorean theorem or something similar, should one not be able to see him from at the very least, a kilometer away?

2) Decepticons & Autobots can generate human tissue?

Alice (Isabel Lucas) is a Decepticon who takes the form of an uber-skinny, blonde-and-bronzed college co-ed. In her Decepticon form, she is a tiny robot whose general size isn’t that different from her human form. She probably uses projection to appear as human, that would make sense, right? But somehow, in her human form, she has human flesh…well, at least Sam didn’t seem to notice that her limbs were cold steel. I really, really don’t understand.

3) A robot heaven? You’ve gotta be kidding me.

Yep, ’nuff said on that front.

4) They were looking for “The Matrix of Leadership”

The fact that they were looking for said matrix wasn’t the funny part. The funny part was, clearly, “The Matrix of Leadership” I laughed so hard and so loud, I wouldn’t have been surprised if the lady next to me whacked me with her drink. Wow…just…wow…”The Matrix of Leadership”?!?!? THE MATRIX OF LEADERSHIP. THE MATRIX OF LEADERSHIP!?!?!!?!?

Would I see this movie again? Maybe once, because I actually like the animation. The tranformations from cars into robots was so smooth and just simply beautiful. But not twice, certainly not twice, because one can only take that much of reality-defying plotlines. And this comes from a person who likes The Mummy and Underworld. Yeah.

PS. By the way, did anyone else think that The Fallen (eye-roll) looked like Predator? Thank you very much.

June 26, 2009


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I don’t affiliate myself with any specific religion. I respect them all, and I believe that essentially, every religion wants us to be ‘good.’ What differs is the definition of good and how things are interpreted.

But while I respect every one of them, I don’t believe in any one of them.

The only thing I truly believe in is energy. I think people give off energy. Have you ever noticed how if you stay around someone who’s pissed off, then you feel bad and awkward? But then there are some people whose presence just makes you smile? To me, this is a result of the energy those people exude. When you are sad, you give off negative energy. When you are happy, your energy is positive. It’s like the whole idea of aura. And I believe that there are auras. Ok, so those aura photos I don’t really care about, but I believe energy levels like that exist.

That’s why I live my life like, well, this. I don’t go read horoscopes or go to psychics because I believe that if I can control my energy flow, I can control the good and bads of my life. If I’m happy, then no one can make me sad. And even if someone does make me sad, well, it’s still in my own power to make myself happy again, right?

To a certain extent, I do believe in psychics. Maybe there are some people out there who feel other people’s energies and are able to follow that energy into a hazy interpretation of the future. (Holy, but I sound so New Age!) However, since energy is always changing, that predicted future can always change. As in, the prediction is based on the current situation and the current you. But if you chance, then the prediction doesn’t hold anymore.

So I don’t like to know about the future, because frankly, I really, really don’t care what’s going to happen a week or a month or a year from now. Tomorrow, maybe. But a week is too far ahead to plan. Some people may say it’s better to be cautious, but for me, I thing “Bring it on!”

I believe bad things never happen to good people. Look, even if something bad happens, it only serves to make you stronger, so essentially, it’s a good thing, ne c’est pas?

I believe in God, but my God is not the Christian God, the Muslim Allah, or the Jewish Jehova. For me, God is a character that combines luck, hope, strength, and more. I don’t ask my God for anything, I don’t rely of my God for anything…but just the fact that God is there makes me feel safe, secure, and strong.

Strength and energy, that’s what I believe in. It’s a way of thinking that has kept me happy for almost a decade, and I know it’ll keep me happy for the rest of my life.

June 10, 2009

Finding a Life.

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Do you have an identity?

A few days ago, I was thinking, what defines me? Where are the places I like to go? What are the things I like to eat? Where have I been? What are my favorite books? Who’s my favorite painter? Where do I want to go? Where do I want to get married? What is my favorite song? If I have a child, what would I name him or her? What would I do with a million dollars? What is my favorite phrase? What is the most frequent emotion that I feel?

You know, it’s really those random questions that reveals a lot about people. You hang out with me long enough, and I’ll start asking you random questions out of nowhere, like “What do you look for first in a face?” to “Who do you like better, Tom or Jerry?”

For a girl, even her choice of a favorite Disney Princess can reveal a lot. Each Princess does have a different personality, and even though all the stories end happily, their journeys are different. A girl who doesn’t like any of the Princesses also has a personality, too.

Think of the 10 events that have influenced you, that you want to do, or just ten random words, things you want to be remembered for. I don’t know. Your call. It’s just…for me, when you know who you are, you really just stop getting emotional, you don’t cry anymore because you realize crying doesn’t solve anything. You don’t blame other people. You become more mature. You don’t whine. You don’t complain. You never berate yourself because you know what you’re worth. You don’t have issues because you’ll already have solved them all, or rest assured in the fact that you can and will solve them.

You can actually think from other people’s points of views. And even though you are unable to forgive people for their actions, at least you will understand them, to a certain degree. You’ll learn the balance between idealism and realism. You’ll learn to think from many sides, even from the side you’ll never be a part of. You will be able to think for yourself, stand on your own feet. You will be strong, because you believe in yourself. You will know who you are.

When you know you who are, who you really are, you’ll finally have a Life.


PS. This wasn’t inspired by any specific event or person – I just got bored reading about the Leontif Matrix  – though in the past, there were times I’d wanted to write a note like this, and I’m sure in the future this note will apply to certain events or people. I don’t know about the present, this entire math thing is making me dizzy.

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