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I couldn’t sleep last night because I kept on thinking of my favorite movies, or rather, what my favorite movies were. Aside from The Mummy, which takes #1, the other positions are rather blurry. Anyways, since I couldn’t sleep at all last night because of this, I’ve decided to make an entire page for it. Does that make me crazy? Possibly. This page may or may not be a permanent fixture on TWAP. I do not know, don’t ask me. I’m me and even I don’t usually ask me. Yeah :]

I’ve decided I can’t make a list. Aside from The Mummy, which in my mind appears are huge, HOLLYWOOD-sized letters, with spotlights trained on it every second of the day (ergo my whole life), the others don’t really stand out from each other. It’s like, I have The Mummy, which is a category in and of itself, and then there’s the Top 5 pool/round table.

Iron Man: Love, simply love. Tony Stark love. The first five minutes of the movie threw me off, like, bombs and all. But when we entered the scene in the casino and Tony, flippant and charming, just won my heart. And then Robert Downey Jr. won my heart. I saw this in the theater twice, in DVD format countless of times…and it still has the power to make me smile everytime.

Star Trek (2009): the latest movie I’ve watched, but the humor in it has already made it a favorite. It’s produced by J.J. Abrams, the person behind Alias, which also goes down as one of my favorite series ever. (O, Michael Vaughn.) My review on it is somewhere on this site, and my love for it is reflected in there :]

Stardust: A fairy tale for adults:  Magic, witches, pirates, swashbuckling adventures = My type of movie. The book is a little different than the film…but they’re both good in their own way. Neil Gaiman, the author of Stardust, wrote this other story called “Neverwhere”, which, if it ever ends up as a film (it was a miniseries one), Neverwhere-the-film would end up in this pool, definitely.

Casino Royale: I was one of those people who ridiculed the choice for Daniel Craig as Bond. A blonde Bond? What was the world coming down to? I grew up with Pierce Brosnan as Bond, you see, so the image of Bond in my mind was this suave playboy with dark hair (and to be fair all the Bonds ever have had dark hair.(Wow, I just noticed..fair and dark! Ha!) I actually didn’t even want to watch this when it came out..but somehow I ended up watching it and WOW. I was converted into the Cult of Craig.

300: I heard some people say that this was one of the better date movies when it came out: girls want to go for the topless men with 8-packs, and boys wanted to see it for the battles and bloodbath. Well, for me, at first I wanted to see it simply because of the “This is Sparta!” scene. But there was more, so much more than abs and blood and kicking people down bottomless pit. There was a love story, a story of freedom…and great graphics. One of my goals right now is to watch this 300 times. I think I have a hundred something to go.

Close to making it into the pool was Pirates of the Caribbean, the entire trilogy. While a lot of people didn’t like the sequels, I loved them. Confusing as they were, they gave me more Jack Sparrow time. The only reason that Pirates didn’t make it to the pool: Orlando Bloom. While I would watch all the movies in the pool over and over again, I only rarely rewatch any of the Pirates movies, because I find Mr. Bloom so completely annoying.

Mr. Bloom is also the reason why Troy didn’t make the list. When I was a kid, I somehow managed to finished The Odyssey, and not understanding half of it because there were so many characters (Troy also excluded the involvement of the gods…so I guess I wasn’t the only one confused by the army of characters.) Although I’d hated Priam for being so unreasonable (crows, really?)…his entire character was redeemed in the speech he gave to Achilles. Peter O’Toole is enough reason to watch this movie. Brad Pitt was his hot self, of course. But Orlando Bloom…really……WHOA~ I cannot stand you.

Lord of the Rings also almost made the list…until they decided to hail Frodo as the hero. Ok, fine, so Frodo’s the main character and the ring bearer. But, please……WHO TOOK THE RING TO MORDOR? No, it wasn’t Frodo. Frodo was whining and crying and being a miserable baby. Sam was the one to push, pull, and haul Frodo up there. Dear Christ…and no one acknowledged Sam. Hmmph.

If I can think of anything else, I’ll come add! I must go watch soccer now, the UEFA finals (today’s May 27th). I’m rooting for Barcelona just because they’re the lesser of two evils. I wished it could’ve been Chelsea playing today..but oh well.


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