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February 24, 2009

A Quote from Will

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Nope. Surprisingly it’s not Shakespeare (one of my favorite people in pantaloons). Will Smith, actually. I think he’s impossibly cute and charismatic. And this morning at the Academy Awards (that’s my time zone. It could’ve been at night for you), he said something that will endear him to me forever. I do realize that he didn’t do it to impress me, of course, not in a million years. But I feel happy nonetheless.

Will Smith, presenting Best Visual Effects:

“They [the visual effects people] can take Brad Pitt and turn him into a garden gnome…..[He rips the envelope open]…..And the garden gnome creators have it!”


February 8, 2009

Comrade Fergie (the Pea, not the Duchess)

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I love the picture below.
I really, really do.

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Fergie & Taylor Swift

Fergie & Taylor Swift

January 13, 2009


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I kid you not.

Gnomeo and Juliet

And James McAvoy is doing one of the voices (quite possibly that of Gnomeo). That’s J-A-M-E-S M-C-A-V-O-Y, aka the Hot Scot. Can you imagine Mr. McAvoy as a gnome though?

James McAvoy, gnome version, dressed in kilts.

Throw a bagpipe into the image, perhaps, if it should please you.

Hmmmmm. I can’t wait for 2010, the fact that we’re just two weeks into 2009 notwithstanding.

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