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January 12, 2009

The Fat Trend

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For the next few months, I’m always going to enjoy Monday afternoons. You see, I have these two boys I’ve tutored for the past two years. They’re hilarious; our tutoring sessions are less economics than supremely bizarre conversations. This semester, I see them on Mondays. So yes, Monday is going to be laughter-day. I love my job.

Anyways, the highlight of today was this: “The Fat Trend”

I was trying to coerce them into sharing my ‘Sticky Chewy Chocolate Cake’, and they both claimed to be on diets. (They’re both fit and healthy, so I’m assuming the diet’s actually a precautionary measure of sorts.) Then one of them admitted that he would love to eat it, only if being fat was the equivalent of being cool.

He even had a reason for supporting the fat trend: if we could popularize fatness, then everyone would benefit, because no one would have to suffer the stress of dieting.

The way he said it made it sound so simple. I mean, think about it, say there is a parallell world where models were fat (or at least, not all willowy and thin)…how much fun would the people over there have? They would be able to eat what they want, and not worry about calories or burning it, or whether it would end up in their bums or their tums.

The Fat Trend.

Perhaps I should popularize it, with the hopes of  one day being able to happily eat oil again (as yes, during middle school, one of my favorite dishes was plain steamed jasmine rice with some cookin oil stirred into it – granted, it was the oil my mother used to fry her fish-sauce marinated chicken wing – it was nice and salty. In retrospect…what the heck was I thinking?)


P.S. Think about where we get our concepts of ‘pretty’ and ‘ugly’ from. Do we really do what we want to do? Or do we suppress our real urges just to fit in?

P.P.S. I had to write that P.S. because contrary to popular beliefs, there is substance hidden underneath the many layers of randomness and insanity of what I write (most of the time, that is; sometimes, well, they’re just purely randomness and insanity ^___^). You just sorta have to look for it. This time, I actually threw it at you, but not next time baby, not next time.


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