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March 8, 2010

Daybreakers, or: Spontaneous Combustion Never Sounded So Good

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Ten reasons why I liked Daybreakers, or, at the very east, do not regret the 150 baht I spent on it.

1) It has Ethan Hawke

2) Moreover, it has WILLEM DAFOE

3) Who, in one scene, grins and says, “F*ck it, I love a good barbeque.”

4) It goes on to show that, as long as a vampire wears sunglasses and avoid direct contact with sunlight, daytime is actually bearable. I am no vampire, however, so I can not vouch for the validity of this act.

5) The humans survivors fight heavily-armed vampire soldiers with…crossbows. Some things can be so ridiculous it’s funny.

6) Ethan Hawke chain smokes throughout the movie, but, being undead his lungs probably do not function. How does he inhale the smoke? I do not know.

7) Did I mention the movie is so ridiculous it’s funny?

8 ) But in it’s defense, the climax of the story gave a new spin to the vampire mythos

9) Plus, there were no squealing teenage girls in the theater, which might have been caused by the blessed fact that…



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