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December 4, 2009

My date with me: a list of things to do on my first day off.

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By Ploy Songkaeo, a girl who really needs a day off.

Wake up, reasonably late, but not too late as to waste half a day.

Wash my face, throw my hair up, put on enough makeup not to look dead, but not too much. This is, after all, my day off.

Put clothes on, too, of course. Bangkok may be many things – but not a nudist colony.

And flip flops, definitely flips flops. Nothing signals a day off better than flip flops.

Go to Central Ladprao and grab brunch at Ootoya; I want the ‘Charcoal grilled hamburger with demiglace sauce’ right about NOW.

By some DVDs, real, of course, if only because I am too lazy to find out if the fake DVD stores accept credit cards.

(Read: I never have cash. Ever. Yes, it is mildly inconvenient, but as long as Starbucks continues accepts credit cards for even the their 35 baht/$1 butterfly pastry, then I will never go hungry.)

Which has inspired me: after the DVDs, I should race to Starbucks right after to pick up a Grande Toffee Nut Frappucino and perhaps a cinnamon roll.

Then head down to the supermarket to stock up on popcorn and microwaveable food.

Also, some tomato puree and ground pork/chicken (‘Chinese’ beliefs held by my mother doesn’t allow beef into the casa). Seriously, at some point I should begin to use to stove to actually make my own food.

A list in a list: things to buy at the supermarket, aside from the aforementioned things:

Orange juice,


Chocolate, preferably those ‘Merci’ Christmas edition ones,

Japanese Pocky, tons of them,

Actually, Japanese snacks in general will do just fine,

That’s…about it.

Oh, and bottled Starbucks lattes too, if they have it. (My fingers and toes are crossed.)

End of list.

Then, after stocking up, I’ll head home and hole up in the house for the next three days

Nothing, come hell or high water, will induce me to go out.


I need to stay home. I haven’t had a day when I stayed home in almost a month.

Hibernation, that is what I need.

Ah, I ramble.

Now I must go back to work.

And yes, it is 3 am in the morning.

And also, yes, again, I just said I had to go back to work.

Don’t we all agree now I need a day off?


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  1. Huuhuu, me go visit the vegetation pod soon

    Comment by Gingypoo — December 4, 2009 @ 2:47 am |Reply

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