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April 17, 2009

Pretty Soon We’ll All Be Walking Naked

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For a person whose favorite color is green (something which I actually deny – I say that I like all colors – but most people point to the fact that everything I own or covet is green), my wardrobe is in tones of blues and blacks. I have lots of dresses in shades of blues, two in green, and about three in black. All the t-shirts I own are either black or blue, with the exception of three white ones.

The most brightest top I have is this pink-and-blue one I got from 109, and also this blouse with super-bright, highlighter-ish pink and yellow dots. But that’s probably all the splash of color you’re going to get from Ploy’s closet.

But while my wardrobe does seem rather dismal when put that way, I’ve just realized that it does have some benefits.

You see, if I were in love with say, yellow or red, I’d have had to reconfigure my entire wardrobe last year. Think about it, throwing away all those clothes..What a waste if would’ve been. And lucky for me, the latest don’t-wear-this-in-public-unless-you-want-to-risk-getting-mauled color is sky blue, not the navy blue that makes up half my clothes, so I don’t have to throw away anything. Yet.

I hope no one starts wearing green, black, or blue. Green, especially, since it’s my favorite color, and the thought of not wearing my favorite pair of green high-heels for a prolonged period is really depressing. If someone starts protesting in black or navy blue shirts, then I’d probably have to throw away all my clothing. Jesus christ, what will I do then? Parade around in a beer barrel?

I mean, think about it. How many colors do we have left? Say essentially there’s seven (i.e. ROYGBIV). R and Y have apparently been taken, and B, too, actually. Now all we have left is 4 colors, but considering that O is essentially the fusion of R and Y, that can be potentially dangerous.

You see, while orange certainly combines both sides, and you could wear it with the good intention of promoting peace, it could also be viewed as you are against both sides. Goes like this: the Y person is conditioned to detect R, so when s/he sees an orange shirt, said person sees more red than orange, goes into berserk mode, and mauls you. Vice versa, a red person is conditioned to see yellow…and so on and so forth…

So if you consider that logic (or rather, illogic. I’ve never pretended to be anywhere near logical. I’m actually so far from the realm of logical that I can actually see the curvature of the universe), we have only three colors left, G, I, and V. If we add black and white (which are technically shades), we have 5 more options.

To whom it may concern: Please leave me indigo, green, and black. Take white (think Gandhi!) and violet (which would be rather cool; I do not know of any previous group who has protested in violet) if you want to start a new protest group. But please, please leave me those three colors. I do not have the time, energy, or money to go find myself new clothes.

Though at the rate things are progressing, perhaps one day, we’ll have a group in every color. Then all colors will be taboo, and then we’ll all be walking naked.

But then again, maybe nudity would and could be considered normal. After all, normality is just what you’re used to.

Which leads to, lastly, the fact that Palestinians wouldn’t have been shocked at the events that happened here a few days ago. It’s all just daily routine to them, right?


April 10, 2009

peace………..?!?!? & RAINBOW -虹-

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Ok, so it’s been a while. Perhaps a couple of months ago, if this long a period passes, I’d have been able to vent/yelled/harassed some idiot stranger. But somehow, life has been peaceful. I haven’t gotten annoyed at the rain (it’s not that I’ve grown to like it…more like I’ve just simply resigned). I haven’t fought with any idiot preteen/teenager despite the fact that it’s summer vacation for Thai schools and hence there’s a bunch of them in the Siam area. I’m already done with my credits, so I don’t have to deal with annoying professors anymore (dang, but I really feel like writing another poem on them and their strange ways). The kids I tutor are lovely, so no complaints there…

DEAR CHRIST…BUT MY LIFE IS PEACEFUL & UNEVENTFUL…holy cats…HOLY HOLY CATS. Unbelievable, at least pour moi.

I want to go bungee jumping.


Anyways, now, a song. I like the lyrics. It’s called ‘Nji’ (yeah, that Kanji) by Aqua Timez. Nice, inspirational… that I think about it maybe I should start listening to death metal instead, so maybe I’ll start feeling violent than peaceful and content.

Read and enjoy, for you might get something by Zyklon next time

It’ll be okay if you just look up
It’s okay, do you see the rainbow*?
We’re finally able to smile under the same sky

As we bend to re-tie our shoelaces, the wind pushes us forward
Let’s continue our dreams beyond the light that spills from the sky
My heart beats within my chest, hope and fear pulsate through my veins
I wonder if it’s really okay, I wonder if I can make it through it all

It’ll be okay if you just look up
It’s okay, do you see the rainbow?
It’s formed in the sky by the tears you shed
Hey, I know you can see it in the distance
I can see it too, the same rainbow as you
Our two skies now become one
We’re finally able to smile under the same sky

We were born with different skies, skies that reflect our memories
You have your own story and tears I know nothing about
I might have been smiling at the same time you were crying
There may be similar kinds of happiness, though I doubt that for sadness

Like the seasons that come and go,
Let your sad times remain sad
Don’t rush to turn them into happiness
It’s okay, I’m here for you
It’s okay, I’m not going anywhere
When it’s time to run, I’ll still run together with you

“Would that bridge form in a world without tears?”
The graffitti scrawled on the wall resembled someone’s handwriting.
You wanted to build a bridge to get away from sadness
But now, close your eyes and toss your umbrella away

It’ll be okay if you just look up
It’s okay, do you see the rainbow?
Look up in your sky that has cried all of its tears
Hey, I know you can see it shining brightly
I can see it too, just as you can
The rainbow of our bond has formed

And now
Our two skies will finally, finally become as one
And now, we start running**

*the literal translation is actually ‘seven-color rainbow’, which I think sounds simpler yet more symbolic than ‘rainbow’, but it did look awkward in type :]
**this is not an precise translation. I think it is relatively accurate, as it captures the feeling of sorts…but if I did this super-correctly I’d have typed something like ‘and we are made [by the sky] to run’..something like that, which sounds awkward. Perhaps I will read more grammar books while devouring my two boxes of Collon (the food, not the innard, which would have required only one L anyways)

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